LED pixel (guardrail) tube is composed of red, green and blue three color mixing to achieve seven kinds of color changes, the use of output waveform pulse width modulation,

That is, adjust the duty cycle of LED lights, in the case of fast scanning speed, the use of the human eye to achieve the effect of gradient inertia. A lamp through the internal control chip, can be divided into seven different colors, and produce gradient, flicker, scan, chase, water and other effects, the length of the lamp according to the actual effect to determine the length, the conventional length one meter. Anti-ultraviolet radiation, with a waterproof effect.



Can be placed on the PCB circuit board in red, green and blue order in a straight line, with a dedicated driver chip control, constitute a change of endless color and graphics. Shell made of flame-retardant PC plastic, high strength, impact resistance, anti-aging, anti-ultraviolet, dust, moisture, protection class IP65. LED guardrail tube with low power consumption, low heat, impact resistance, long life, etc., with the controller, you can achieve water, gradient, jump, chase and other effects. If you apply to a large area of ​​the project, connect the computer synchronization controller, but also display patterns, animation video equivalent LED digital full color lamp can be composed of a simulated LED display, analog display can provide a variety of full color effects and dynamic display Image characters, you can use offline control or computer connection to implement synchronous control; can display a wide range of full-color dynamic effects. Control system using special lighting programming software editing, digital control pattern changes easy, just copy the generated pattern format files can be copied into the CF card, the digital controller can be a separate control, but also more than online control, digital tube installation Arrange any way, suitable for a variety of complex engineering needs. Digital control, and power supply, etc. to standard male and female plug connection, convenient and quick, and has a unique shape design, the new outdoor waterproof structure.


Control type

Divided into internal control, external control two:

Internal control refers to the built-in controller, you can make some relatively simple changes in the effect of voltage available low voltage and high voltage.

External control refers to the external controller, the use of external controller can make more dynamic effects, it should be noted that the use of external control mode guard pipe effect, we must use low-voltage power supply.