LED luminous characters to its beautiful daytime, bright night, energy saving, durable many advantages have been available, to a prairie fire quickly became popular. However, LED light source used in the advertising industry (luminous characters) production, there have been many unsatisfactory problems. A: common problems mainly in the following areas:


1.LED life is short: regular manufacturers of LED theoretical lifetime is generally about 80,000 hours. And now a lot of luminous characters do not use enough to a year will start to replace the LED module, to customers and ad manufacturers have brought a lot of trouble and economic losses.

  1. Color decay very fast: just installed the luminous characters issued by the pure and bright colors, can be used less than a year of color was clearly dim down.
  2. Uneven color, color difference: the main performance in pure white LED production of the larger luminous characters on the word.
  3. Fonts Part of the stroke, the whole suddenly does not light or not bright: luminous characters in the use of a period of time after the local or the entire font light began to flash, when the light does not shine until it is completely off.


Second, the solution to common problems According to our long-term production of luminous characters, summed up the complete solution to the above problems satisfied with the method:

  1. Purchase regular manufacturers of qualified LED single light grain (need to provide the quality of the manufacturers Parameter description), LED lights are generally not bad. Do not throw away the module, just replace the same resistance of a resistor can be used normally.

2.LED lamp safe use of the current is generally 20 mA, in the purchase of the assembled LED module must test its output current value. Less than 20 mA brightness is not enough, more than 22 mA affect LED life, so that color decay faster.

  1. white LED lights in the factory have to go through the separation of color separation (not through the separation of color Some of the light emitted by the LED is pure white, some bluish, some yellow), So when you buy white LED light do not blindly want to cheap, be sure to buy the same manufacturer, the same batch, the same color LED light tube single particle lamp or module to produce the same batch of luminous characters.
  2. Now the market sales of light-emitting modules, mostly using plug-in connection. In this way, the ad builder is quick and easy to install the light module. But the plug in the course of a long time by the use of moisture in the air easily oxidized lead to poor contact, so that local or all of the circuit instantaneous power or complete power, resulting in flashing the font light or not bright. Make the module without the connector, directly connected with copper tin wire after the use of live Charcoal solder soldering