LED module, light bar, led hole light applications widely used in:

1), the hotel and hotel’s outdoor signs and LOGO;

2), schools, hospitals, ancient buildings, churches, and company signs and logos

3), KTV signs signs, sauna bath center signs,indoor light box ,outdoor light box

4), the hotel door signs, decoration signs and hole signs.

LED waterproof light is relative to the traditional neon lights, tube light, signs and magnetic flap and LED display outside of a new set of advertising, decoration and landscaping in a outdoor display media, outdoor signs and outdoor luminous characters.


LED strip and led module install notice :

1) DC voltage 12V / 5V, the use it safe.

2) waterproof LED light strip and module flexible can cut every 3led , it’s can any combination, flexible install .

3) led light strip and module have 3M gule in the back side , you can only paste in any material above, easy to install, effectively reduce the installation costs.

4) LED lamp holder two-way to take, installed. Make maintenance simple. Completely solve the problem of LED engineering maintenance difficult.

5) scientific waterproof treatment program, mainly for outdoor large-scale advertising signs production, do not have to solder glue!

6) waterproof LED lights after high temperature welding, so waterproof LED

Light string quality assurance.

7)led hole light installation : in the metal or other materials drilling: diameter 9mm or 12mm, one by one to insert, the waterproof LED string of all the positive (red line) together, the negative together, Connect power supply (DC5V or 12V )